Peforming Arts Specialist Program


East Butler Primary School has a specialist Dance program which all students undertake from Pre-Primary to Year 6, and each class attends Dance lessons once a week. Here the students focus on the two strands of the Western Australian Dance Curriculum; Making Dances and Responding to Dances. In every class the students develop their understanding of Dance using the 4 main elements of Dance – Body, Energy, Space, and Time.


As part of the Dance program, the students are exposed to a variety of music and dance steps from all time periods.  The students explore the origins of some of the most popular styles of dancing including contemporary, hip hop, line dancing, country/folk dancing, partner dancing, Latino, and modern pop styles.  Within each of these styles, students explore factors that impact the dances such as their historical context, practical considerations, and associated steps.  The students from Pre-Primary to Year 3 also explore their gross motor and fundamental movement skills, providing them with the foundation for more complex movement sequences in the upper years.


Along with performing to a range of music and learning a broad repertoire of dance steps, the Dance program also encompasses a wide range of other skills.  The students experiment with the use of props and instruments, enhancing their understanding of timing and beat. They explore musical notation and examine a variety of ways to express written music.  By examining contemporary and traditional dances they explore the use of costumes and markings in dances, allowing them to broaden their understanding of creative elements in dance.


The students at East Butler Primary are also fortunate enough to enjoy a variety of Performing Arts Opportunities outside of their set Dance classes.  The students can extend their vocal skills by becoming members of the East Butler “Malcolm Skeggs” Choir.  The choir performs at all school assemblies and functions and can be an excellent opportunity for students who enjoy singing traditional and modern music.  There is also a Performing Arts Showcase as part of our School Open Nights, where select students are able to perform in front of visiting family members and community members.  Also, additional opportunities arise such as collaborations with local primary and secondary schools, giving student an opportunity to engage with other primary students in Performing Arts Showcases.

We acknowledge and respect the traditional custodians of the land on which our students live and are educated, the Whadjak and Yued people. We wish to acknowledge and show our respect for their elders, past and present and emerging, for their continuing culture and the contributions they make to the life of our community, both now and in the past.